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How Do I Enjoy Using iWork In a MS Office World?

I really want to use the iWork software made for my Mac/iOS, but MS Office prevails. When I attempt to edit Office docs in iWork, it becomes a frustratingly time consuming mess. And once saved and sent, even as an MS Office doc, colleagues have problems with my formatting, etc. Any great solutions?
Pablo Teodoro

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    3 years ago

    By iWork, I assume you mean Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Only a few places in Apple’s world refer to them as “iWork” anymore, so not everyone may know what you mean.

    It sounds like you work a lot with people that use Microsoft Office. So why not simply work in Microsoft Office too? I like to use Pages, Numbers and Keynote as well, but when I am working with other people that use Word, I work in Microsoft Word. Nothing wrong with that. My book publisher has standardized on Word, since editors and writers are sometimes working on Windows machines, not Macs. So I use Word there. It works on both Windows and Mac so it makes sense. Then for other things I use Pages.

    It sounds like you may be better off working in Microsoft Word for these tasks as well. Why deal with frustration when you don’t have to?

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