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How Do I Enlarge Text Size In a TextEdit Document and Still Keep It’s Size?

I am using Yosemite 10.10.5. How do I increase the text size of a document (example: 14 point to 24 point) and still keep the new higher 24 point size when I reopen the document? I know how to increase size (blue up and use Command + or – when in document. Upon closing, this does not keep the 24 point text size when reopening. Please state any and all steps as to how to resolve this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks JW


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    7 years ago

    TextEdit handles two types of documents: plain text and rich text. With plain text documents, only the text is saved. It doesn't save any character information like font face, style, bold italics, etc. So when you use Command + or -, it is basically just changing it so you can view it at that size, but it doesn't save that information in the file.
    Rich text will save font style information, not just for the whole document, but for each character. So you can increase the size of all of the text, some of it, and change other characteristics of the text. When you save the file (called an RTF file for "rich text format") and open it again, everything was as it was before.
    So if you are viewing a plain text document and wish to enlarge the text, first convert it to rich text. Use Format, Make Rich Text to do that. Then you can use Edit, Select All. Then change the font size. Then save and when you open it again later, it will be the same size.

    7 years ago

    Set the text size, click on the paragraph looking icon on the left, select Show
    Styles, then Add to Favorites, type a name (24 inch type), click on Add. From then on click on the Style icon and choose the 24 inch type style.

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