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How Do I Ensure All Notes Are Accessible From All Devices?

What is the best way to store notes so that they are available from any of my devices? If the cloud is the answer then how can I ensure that existing notes that may be saved only on my phone, for instance, end up residing in the cloud as well?

I’ve done research and reading on this, but am having a problem really understanding. Do I need to redo all the ones in question, designating cloud?

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    2 years ago

    By "any of my devices" I assume you mean Macs, iPhones and iPads? Let's start on your Mac then. Look in the left sidebar in the Notes app. If you don't see it, use View, Show Folders. It should be broken into sections. You may see things like "iCloud" and "On My Mac." Maybe other cloud services too, like "Google." But I'll assume just iCloud and On My Mac.

    If you have everything under iCloud. Then you are already using iCloud for all of your notes. But if you have some things in On My Mac, then select Notes under On My Mac, then select all of the notes listed. Then drag them to Notes under iCloud (or any folder under iCloud). That should move them all to iCloud so your other devices can see them.

    Now if On My Mac is empty with 0 notes, go to Notes, Preferences, and turn off On My Mac so you won't accidentally use it again. Set the Default account to iCloud there too.

    On the iPhone or iPad, go into the Notes app. Use the button at the top left to go "up" until you are at the "Folders" level. Look to see if you have only things under iCloud. If you see "On My iPhone" there, then those items would be local to just that iPhone (or iPad). So then go into On My iPhone, tap and hold a note to get a menu, then select Move. Then select Notes under iCloud, or any folder you have created until iCloud. That will move it there.

    Now go into Settings, Notes. Turn off On My iPhone. Set the Default Account to iCloud.

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