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How Do I Erase an Airport Disk That Is No Longer In the Network?

Is there a way to erase an Airport disk without configuring it into a network?

I have replaced the Airport with a new router and backup disks. I’d like to wipe the Airport disk before recycling.
John Kueck

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    2 years ago

    Not sure what you mean by an "Airport Disk." Do you mean a USB drive plugged into an Apple Airport base station? If so, just unplug it from the base station, plug it into a Mac, and use Disk Utility to wipe it.

    If you mean a "Time Capsule" base station, then you are going to have to connect it to a Mac via a network. You'll need to turn it on and connect to it via Wi-Fi, and then run Airport Utility on your Mac to access it and erase the drive. See

    I think you can also connect to the Time Capsule via an ethernet cable if you have a Mac with an ethernet port.

    John Kueck
    2 years ago

    Thanks for the solution. It works except the Ethernet to Ethernet doesn't.

    David Walter
    2 years ago

    When the router portion of my original Time Capsule broke, I had the same problem but didn't think of the ethernet solution. Instead, I saw an article on how to disassemble a Time Capsule (on iFixit, I think). I removed the disk, placed it in an enclosure, and proceeded using Disk Utility.

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