Forum Question: How Do I Erase and Re-install If I’ve Lost the Original Install Disc?

I bought a MacBook Pro so I don’t really need my iMac now (OS X 10.6.8. – details on the Mac listed below). I’d set my 9.y.0. daughter up with her own desktop (seperate log in) so she could surf the web and have an iTunes account. Now I want to exit and leave the computer solely for her. I figured since the Mac is a little tempermental I’d erase and then re-install, but now I can’t find the start up discs (yes, I’ve had a good look).
Is there a way to do it without the discs (I’m a tech idiot, which is why I have a Mac – everything just works) or is there a way to remove me from the computer? I figure since it was originally configured for me then it can’t.
FYI – I deleted all my files, thinking that was what was slowing my Mac down, but in the process seem to have deleted iPhoto, even tho it does still open up on my daughters desk top (it doesn’t on mine).
I have Time Machine but presume if i reinstall from that I’ll just end up with my stuff back on the Mac?

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    11/21/11 @ 8:04 am

    There’s no way to do it without the original discs. If you have lost them, you should get replacements. You can call Apple and order them. I would do that if you plan on continuing to use that computer for a while.
    It sounds like you may have not deleted iPhoto, but instead deleted your iPhoto library (on your account). Try launching iPhoto with the option key held down.
    It doesn’t sound like restoring from Time Machine is what you want, but maybe you can do that and then do a more careful removal of files you don’t want anymore. That is one alternative.

    11/21/11 @ 8:13 am

    well, that’s the iPhoto problem sorted – thanks!

    I’ll have a look on the Apple site re ordering those discs again. It would be easier for my daughter if she could just open the iMac herself, rather than me having to log on and then switch users…

      11/21/11 @ 8:32 am

      You can easily go into System Preferences, Accounts and change the default user and such. She shouldn’t need to log in as you and switch users at all. You don’t need to re-install the whole system to change that. It is pretty straight-forward.

    Andy Suhaka
    11/25/11 @ 6:22 pm

    You do have to call Apple to get the disks and they’ll cost about $30. I had the same problem and that was how I took care of it.

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