Forum Question: How Do I Export a Video File More Quickly?

I used Quicktime to join multiple .avi files into one video and chose to export it for iPod. However, the “about” time remaining for the export to complete is over a million hours and climbing. Is there a faster way to do this?

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    2/10/12 @ 9:22 am

    Export time depends on many factors: the original format, the destination format, the speed, memory and other factors of your computer, the software, etc.
    One thing to do is to let the process go for a while. The time estimate can sometimes be way off. It can start at a million hours, and then drop down to 1 hour after a period of time.
    You can also try other software. Try MPEG Streamclip, for instance. Or FFMpegX. VLC works too. Miro is another.
    Also do some general checks. Make sure you aren’t almost out of hard drive space (less than 10% free). Also, quit all other running applications. Look at Activity Monitor and see if a background application or process is using a lot of power, etc.

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