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How Do I Export From Photos In Full Resolution?

I have set my camera to take photos @ 5-10 MB jpg. When they import into Photos the Info window usually reads the same and keeps them as jpgs. Yet, when I export them to my desktop they are almost always in the 2 MB jpg range. I understand that if I crop a photo significantly it would lose MBs, but that is not a factor in most of these. I see no settings that I can control. Where am I losing data?
Thank you, Gary.

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    7 years ago

    How are you exporting? Are you using the File, Export function and then choosing to export as original? Or the option above that? If the option above that, then what are you choosing in the export dialog under Kind, Quality and Size?

    7 years ago

    Gary, once again you have helped me! Since I edit most of all my photos with some adjustments, I usually do not want to export the unedited originals, so I normally export by hitting shift+command+E, and the resulting dialog box does not indicate size. But your questions above led me to study the dialog box more deeply, and I noticed the small arrow following the "Photo Kind" line. This has expanded the dialog box for me, and I now have all kinds of choices.
    I've been stuck on this.Thanks!

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