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How Do I Export My Pictures From Photos In Chronological Order?

I need to export a large amount of my pictures from photos, between October 18 and 19. However when exported they come out in what seems like a random order, but they’re in chronological order in Photos.

Any idea how to export them in the order they are in on Photos?

I’ve tried changing the settings to ‘sequential’, but this just numbers then 1-99 for example in the random order.


Ben Douglass

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    4 years ago

    So when looking at the photos in the Finder, what are their names? Are they things like IMG_3387.jpg? If so, then if you sort by name they should be sorted in the order in which they were taken, since the name reflects that. Use the "Use File Names" option, not "Sequential" to get the names like that. Of course it also depends on what sort of camera you used to take the photos.

    But make sure your view in the Finder is set to View, Sort By, Name. And make sure there is no checkmark next to View, Use Groups. I assume you are looking in List view, not icons or something else, correct?

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