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How Do I Export OLM Files To PST Formats?

I am using macOS and want to know how do I export my Mac OLM files to PST format without using Windows only in my Mac machine.
Paul Girdon

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    2 years ago

    I don’t use Outlook, so I’m probably not the guy to ask. I didn’t even know what OLM and PST file extensions referred to. For others that don’t know, OLM is the file format used by Mac Outlook, and PST for Windows Outlook. Outlook would be an email app that comes with Microsoft Office that some people use as an alternative to Mail or other email apps.

    Searching around, it seems like you have two methods. Since I’m not an Outlook user, I’ll try to interpret what I have found. But you may want to ask this at Microsoft’s support site. I don’t know WHY you want to export your email, which makes it very difficult to answer. Are you trying to archive your email? Move from Mac to Windows? Share your whole email database? Something else?

    If you are using modern email, like IMAP, or perhaps a modern Outlook server, then it may not be an issue at all. All of your email should be on the server, and the Outlook app is just a viewer to see what is on the server. So if you are switching to Windows, then it could be as simple as just signing on to your email account on your Windows machine and letting Outlook show you your email.

    If you are using an older email system, like POP, or have been manually storing your email locally instead of filing it on server mailboxes/folders then you may need to get a conversion app to do it. Or, maybe export to a common email format from Outlook Mac.

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