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How Do I Export Photos From the Photos App In a Specific Order?

After I arrange photos in a particular order in an Album, I want to export them in the same order they are in, as in the Album. I want to export them to a folder in Finder as a list of .jpg files in the same order as in the Album. When I export them, they are in a different order, perhaps by date or some other parameter.
Richard Vitales

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    4 years ago

    When you export an album or any selection of images from Photos, they become individual files. Once they are individual files, they can be sorted in the Finder by criteria such as filename, date created, and so on.
    So Photos isn’t exporting them in any order at all. It just dumps them there as equal files where you specified.
    If you now want to sort the files in the Finder, you can. But sorting them in the order they appeared in the album will be tough as this is ambiguous. The Finder has no idea what order you had them in.
    But Photos can provide the Finder with what it needs by naming the image files. When you export, look for the option “File Name” and set it to “Sequential.” Then you get names like “1.jpg” and “2.jpg.” I just tried it and the numbers corresponded to the order in the album.

    Richard Vitales
    4 years ago

    Thank you Gary. It works beautifully and just as you said. I really appreciate it!

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