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How Do I Fill In a Questionnaire That Has Been Created In Word?

I have a questionnaire to fill in which is in Word. I’ve been advised to get a Pages app but when I access App store I only get adverts for games.
Is there another way or how do I access the correct part of App store?

I need to complete it fairly quickly but can’t.

Jim Dryden

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    2 years ago

    So is this a Word document, or a PDF? Usually a form you fill in is a PDF. You can certain create PDFs in Word (and Pages). And then on a Mac you would use Preview to fill in the form.

    But if the form is a Word document, not a PDF, then it is probably just a word processing document where someone has left blank spaces for you to complete the text.

    You can get Pages in the Mac App Store just like any other app. Search for "Pages" and it will come right up.

    Then you can open the Word Document in Pages. Pages isn't Word and Word isn't Pages, but Pages will convert the document when you open it. As long as the document isn't using too many Word-specific things, it should be good enough to get the information into the document. Then export as a Word document when you are done so the other person can take the results back.

    Strange that a person would assume you have Word and send you this. Even many Windows users don't have Word. It is a pricey word processing app and most home users don't need it.

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