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How Do I Find a Closed Notification Again?

I had an important notification pop up on my lock screen. I tried 3D touching to pop it open, which it did for a second, but then it closed before I could finish reading it. I tried pulling down from the top to view past notifications, but it wasn’t there. It’s not within the associated app either. Is there any way to get it back, or another place to view it?

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    4 years ago

    It looks like it depends on the app. I can pull down to see past notifications, and some apps show a history going back weeks. But I know I got notifications of things like simple text messages that aren’t there at all.
    Some notifications from some apps are simply alerts — meant to be seen once and then not stored anywhere. This is usually the case when the actual event itself is a message — like a text or email. It really is up to the app developers as to how a specific notification works.
    You don’t mention which app the notification was for — maybe you didn’t see.
    Also, the way iOS 10 works is much better for this. iOS 9 and earlier made it easy to miss messages by simply unlocking your iPhone. iOS 10’s unlocking procedure is made to make this better.

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