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How Do I Find a Sensible Way Of Managing My Contacts?

Hi Gary,
You may have covered this before but I can’t come across it.

I am losing the will to live in finding a suitable way to manage my contacts and their personal information, such as address emails, phone numbers and notes on both my iPad and my MacBook.

I have downloaded countless ‘Duplicate finder’ programs, the last of which seems to have managed to delete all my family contacts, simply because we all shared the same home landline phone number.

Is there a way to mange this through the Mac and then sync with the iPhone?

Thanks for reading,

Sam Skelly

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    6 years ago

    Are you using iCloud for contacts? It sounds like you are not, as you wouldn't be asking if there is a way to sync between your devices. iCloud does that automatically.

    I would switch to using iCloud on both of your devices. Then I would manually go through your contacts on your Mac. Take your time. Get rid of or merge duplicates. Clean up each entry. Even with hundreds of contacts it shouldn't take that long. Do a little each day.

    Sam Skelly
    6 years ago

    Thanks Gary,
    Yes, I am using iCloud, although maybe not properly - I'll have to look at the feature more closely!.
    Perhaps I am being a little bit lazy when I am asking for a program ( such as you can find on MS Windows) that allows you to bring up your contacts in a program and go through the information you have entered line by line, so to speak.

    Reason is I have a lot of contacts - 700 odd through work ( which need pruned as I retired from full time) and probably 200/300 of my own.

    6 years ago

    Sam: Yes, check your iCloud settings and make sure it syncs your contacts. 700 is not too much to go through manually, especially when you need to delete most of them. The Contacts app on your Mac makes it pretty fast to flip through them and delete, make changes, or merge. I don't know the Windows method you are talking about, but I can't imagine it is any faster.

    6 years ago

    Thank you for your question Sam. I was having close to the same issue. Thank you Garry for your direction. Once I moved the missing ones to iCloud my contacts are now in sync.
    Thank you again,

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