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How Do I Find an App Icon Among Hundreds Of Them On an iPhone?

I have hundreds of apps on my iPhone. I would like to place the Wikipedia app into the dock, so that it is always easily available, but I can’t find it (or don’t have the patience to find it). It seems like there should be some way to locate it aside from using the search capability every time I want to use it.
Daniel Quinlan

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    4 years ago

    If the app is in a folder, a Spotlight search will tell you which folder it is in. Just swipe down from the middle of the screen to search. Then type the name of the app. Once the search has been narrowed down to a single result, you'll see that app icon and the name of the folder next to it.

    If the app isn't in a folder, but just on a page of the Home screen, there's no indication of which screen it is on. You'll just have to look through the screens and spot it. But search first will remind you what the app icon looks like, so you can quickly find it. For instance, if you see that the app has a dark green color, you can then flip through your screens looking just for that color.

    Once you have found it and added it to the dock, then you are set for that app. But to find others you may want to abandon using the pages of the Home screen and just search every time you want to launch an app. I think may iPhone users who have too many apps (myself included) just use Spotlight to launch apps instead of worrying about the pages of the Home screen.

    Another option is to take the time to organize your apps into app folders. Just go page-to-page and sort each app into a folder that makes sense for you, adding new folders as needed. The minutes you spend doing this will then be paid back in efficiency later on.

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