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How Do I Find and Replace Paragraph Styles In Pages for Mac?

I have this long document. I wish to find all paragraphs formatted in style “Normal” and replace the style with “Body” without changing the text as such.
Carlos Ramos

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    3 years ago

    There’s no need to use find and replace. All you need to do is to change the name of the paragraph style “Normal” to rename it “Body.” That accomplishes the exact same thing.

    3 years ago

    Your answer is addressed to my example. I still have no way to search formatting, then selectively replace that formatting on some paragraphs.

    3 years ago

    Carlos: Ah, so you don’t want to “find all” paragraphs with that style and change the style, you only want to do it for some. There’s no feature for that in Pages. You can use Option+down arrow to jump through your document by paragraph and then when you see the Style you want in the sidebar, you can access whether this is one of the paragraphs that you want to change, and change it. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the style you want to change to, and this should go pretty fast.

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