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How Do I Find Identical Data In Two Columns In iWorks Numbers?

Columns A and B in Numbers have a variety of currency data; how can I highlight (or locate visually somehow) the cells in column A that have NO DUPLICATES in column B, regardless of rows?
Juan Carlos

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    6 years ago

    Well the MATCH function will compare a cell to a range of cels and find it in there. So MATCH(A2,B) will return the position of the value of A2 in column B. You can put that in C2. Look up the MATCH function in the help.

    It will return "the largest value less than or equal to" according to the help, which isn't what you want. But if you set the third parameter to 0, it will return an error if it doesn't find it. Se MATCH(A2,B,0) will give you a position number if it finds it, and an error if not.

    Now you can use ISERROR to convert that to true or false. So ISERROR(MATCH(A2,B,0)) will give you a true (there is an error) if the number isn't in column B, and a false (there is no error) if it is in column B.

    So now you copy and paste that into column C where you have values in column A. The results that are true are the ones you want. You can use conditional highlighting to make those stand out even more, say with a red background.

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