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How Do I Find Mac Software That Will Create Charts?

I’m looking for a program that will create charts for me using shapes to drag and drop that can fill in with text. Simple!
Carolyn Molder

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    4 years ago

    Not sure what kind of charts you are looking to create. You can use Numbers to create charts, of course, but those are usually tied into numbers in a spreadsheet. It sounds like you want to create something more along the lines of basic graphics.

    All of the iWork apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) allow you to draw shapes, text, lines, arrows, etc. Using Keyote is probably the best way to create graphics for online. But if you are creating for print, then maybe Pages is a bit more suited.

    I would play around with the shapes and other drawing tools in Keynote or Pages to see if that will do what you want.

    Carolyn Molder
    4 years ago

    I use to use the Microsoft Publisher but isn't compatible now - actually have 2 different projects I could use this with. Seems like I did try one of Apples a while back and it didn't work out but I will play with them again.

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