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How Do I Find My Screenshot?

I want to copy a photo from an email newsletter and send it to someone. I made a screenshot, but it won’t copy onto a Word doc or an iMessage. also, I don’t know how to view my clipboard. It’s not on the LaunchPad. and spotlight sent me right to MacMost!
merry winslow

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    4 years ago

    So it sounds like you got a photo in an email and took a screenshot of it. That's not the best way to start, since the photo is probably better quality than any screenshot you will take of it. Instead, you can drag and drop it from the email message to your Desktop or any folder in the Finder to get a full copy of that file on your drive. Then you can drag and drop that file into Message or a Word doc.

    You can also Control+click it and copy the actual image. That is much better than a screenshot. It will also put it in your clipboard. Your clipboard is a storage location on your computer and you won't find it in LaunchPad -- which is a way to view and run apps and doesn't have anything to do with the clipboard.

    Once it is in in the clipboard, you can paste it almost anywhere. You can paste it into Message, and you can paste it into a Word doc if you like. Command+v is the shortcut to paste.

    merry winslow
    4 years ago

    love you!

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