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How Do I Find the Folder Path When I Do a Spotlight Search?

I have made a document in pages and can’t remember where I have saved it. So I do a search in spotlight and find the document. I can even work on it and when I close the page document changes I made get saved, but I dont know where. In previous OS versions you could see the path when using spotlight. How do I get to see the path, so I can find where it is stored.

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    2 years ago

    One way to do it is when you search in spotlight, instead of opening the file, use Command+R to jump to a Finder window with the folder that contains that file. You can also just hold down the Command key in Spotlight and it will show you the path to the currently selected file at the bottom of the Spotlight preview area. But sometimes the path is too long for it all to fit.

    You can also view the path of the file while in Pages. Click on the name of the document in the title bar. You’ll see the name (and can rename it), tags and Where, with the Where being the location of the file. Click on that to see the parent folders and other locations. You can use this to move the file if you wish.

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