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How Do I Find the Last Value In a Column In Numbers?

Using MacBook Pro 2014, with macOS Catalina v10.15.5
I want to have a cell update automatically when I enter data in a column.
Norman Horridge

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    4 years ago

    The ROWS function tells you the last row number in a range. So if you want to know the value of the last cell in the bottom row of column D, then ROW(D) will tell you the number of that row. The INDEX function will let you get the value of a cell in a range. So INDEX(D,ROWS(D)) will get the value in the last cell of the cells in column D.

    Norman Horridge
    3 years ago

    Thank you for the information. However what I should have said is "How do I find the last entered value in a column". The column in question is one that I update periodically. The new entry is used for calculations in another spreadsheet.

    3 years ago

    Norman: Oh, so you want the "most recently modified" value of a column. There's no way to directly do that as cells don't have any "modified time" property or anything like that. You'd have to manually indicate that by perhaps creating another column "Modified Time" and placing the current time in that every time you update a cell in the first column. Then look for the row with the MAX value in that new column, and get the value from the same row in the first column. Or, a simpler solution if you will only ever just need the most recent is to have a checkbox column where you select the most recent row (and deselect the previous value). Or, just have a single value in another cell (perhaps a 1x1 table of its own) with the row number of the row you want to use in that formula. None of these solutions are great, but I don't see another alternative.

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