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How Do I Find the Location Of an App On My iPhone?

I have over 300 apps on my iPhone. Periodically I want to remove one. Is there any way to easily find its location short of perusing each screen?
John Kueck

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    2 years ago

    No, there’s no easy way that I know of. The best strategy may be to have a good organizational structure using page and folders. For instance, I have folders named: Restaurants, Travel, Games, My Games (for the apps I make), Photography, etc. So most of the time I can find an app just by thinking about where I would have put it. This will probably take some minutes to do right now, if you don’t have a folder system, but once you have it set up, then it is just a matter of putting new apps on the last page and moving all of your new apps from the last page into folders before that page fills up.

    Apps I use every day aren’t in folders, but on my first or second page of apps for each access. Everything else, even if it is properly stored in a folder, I access with a Spotlight search anyway. So the folders don’t really slow down my access to the apps.

    2 years ago

    Maybe I misunderstand the question but isn’t the quickest way to find an app on an iPhone is to use the search feature? Just start typing the name of the app and it will come up.

    2 years ago

    Jim: John doesn’t want to launch the app, he wants to find out which screen or folder it is located in so he can delete it.

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