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How Do I Fix a Vertical Video In iMove?

Movies taken by iPhone vertically show black bars on the sides, want to insert a blurred background of the footage, in iMovie there are only the maps backgrounds, can I add blurred background from the footage itself
Ashraf Kabesh

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    4 years ago

    I know what you mean. I hate it when I see video taken in vertical mode. People do it without thinking, and then find themselves in trouble when it comes time to show or edit the video. The real solution, of course, is to remember to always shoot video in horizontal orientation. But that doesn’t help you with the old video footage you are dealing with now.
    It is tough to pull off that blurred background effect that you see on TV when they have vertical video to deal with. It is much easier to handle it in Final Cut and Premiere, where you have tons of options.
    The best I can figure in iMovie is to put your video in the timeline twice. Once as the main video, and the second time just above it. But before you put it the second time, take the main video and crop it so it fills the area — so cropping off the top and bottom heavily. Then blur it as best you can. Maybe use a harsh filter in conjunction with some extreme color correction. It won’t look blurry, but maybe you can get something you like.
    Then put the video in as an overlay on top of that main video. Remember to silence or remove the audio for one of the two so you aren’t doubling your audio.
    Other options include simply using a background as you suggest. There are many other backgrounds besides maps. Scroll further down the list. Blobs, Industrial or Underwater may work well for this.
    Another option is to bring in the video, apply the Pull Focus title over all of it (with just blank spaces as a title) to blur it. Then export that video. Then bring that new video in as the main video and the original video in over it.
    This is an interesting project. I may do an episode on this for next week.

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