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How Do I Fixate Programs On a Specific Place On Screen?

Mac Pro with two screens. I like to fixate specific programs on screen.

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    2 years ago

    Do you mean you wish to have the windows of your apps stay in the same place?

    Naturally, they shouldn’t move unless you move them. So the question is, when are they moving other than that?

    I suppose some apps may forget their place if you quit them and re-launch the app. Others may forget their places if you shut down and restart your Mac. The solution there is simple: don’t quit the apps and don’t restart your Mac. There’s no real reason to do either. If you use apps often, just leave them running and hide them instead. And you never really have to shut down a Mac. You can just let it sleep.

    The last time I restarted my Mac was probably when some software update required it. The last time I actually shut it down was the last time I moved it. As for apps, my main apps like Safari, Mail, and things I use for development, are always running. I just hide them.

    Now even if you do quit apps or restart, the apps should remember where the windows were placed. In System Preferences, General, make sure you have “Close windows when quitting app” turned off. Then any properly-functioning app will restart with the same windows in the same place. However, some third party developers may not build this functionality into their apps. Hard for me to comment on that further since you don’t mention which “programs” you are talking about.

    2 years ago

    Thank you Gary. This info was most helpful.
    Kindest remegards, Loek

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