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How Do I Flip the Backer Page Horizontally?

When creating a two sided tri fold pamphlet in Pages 5.6 how can I flip the backer page so that it prints in the proper orientation when telling the printer to print it two sided?

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    4 years ago

    I’m not sure what you mean by “backer page.” But you can change the document to horizontal (landscape) layout by clicking on the Document button at the upper right, choosing Document under that, and then you have page size and orientation options there.

    Dennis T
    4 years ago

    What I mean by the backer is the 2nd side. It needs to print head to head not head to tail. Head being the top and tail being the bottom of the page. Without flipping the second side it comes out of the printer head to tail.

    4 years ago

    Dennis: you usually set those kind of things in the printer settings when you go to print. They vary depending on the printers capabilities. So if you have a two-sided printer, then you see settings there for that.

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