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How Do I Force an iCloud Update On My Mac?

When I update a numbers spreadsheet on my iPad it updates to the iCloud. My iPhone sees the update immediately BUT the same file doesn’t appear to update as quickly to my mac. This only seems to happen to a few files. Is there anyway on my mac to force the latest version to download from iCloud?

I have just looked at my iCloud system preferences on my mac and the setting “Back to my Mac” is not set. Should I tick this setting? What does “Back to my Mac” mean?
Brenda Brooks

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    3 years ago

    Files saved or updated to iCloud Drive should update on their own, as soon as they can, without any action on your part. There is no “force update” button or anything like that.
    Keep in mind that you should be on Wi-Fi, especially when it comes to your iPhone. Also, in some cases if your battery is low and you aren’t plugged in, your iPhone may wait to send the update to preserve the battery.
    You can always go to the website on your Mac, go to iCloud Drive and see if the new file/update is there. This at least tells you if the file has been sent to iCloud. It may help if you can determine if the problem is your iPhone not sending the file, or your Mac not receiving the file.
    As for the Back to My Mac feature, that is something completely different. It is just a way to use old-fashioned file sharing and screen sharing without needing to know the IP address of your Mac. It has nothing to do with iCloud Drive syncing.

    3 years ago

    Ummm, Gary, I think the OP said that the iPad sends the file, and the iPhone sees the new file immediately. So we know it’s in the iCloud, just not making it to the Mac.

    3 years ago

    Joel: you are right. I read that as iPad and iPad, not iPad and iPhone.
    Well the only thing I have to add is that iOS devices will “see” iCloud Drive files but not download them. They usually only get downloaded when you open them. Macs will download in advance. Not sure if that plays into this, but a larger file may appear on the second iOS device first, maybe.

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