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How Do I Forward a Phone Call To Voicemail When I Am Talking To Someone?

I have an iPhone 6S and often get phone calls when I do not have pen and paper to hand to take down addresses. It would be really useful if I could chat to someone and then forward them to my voicemail for them to leave their name and address. Is this possible?
Brenda Brooks

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    4 years ago

    That would be a useful feature, to be sure. But it doesn’t seem to exist. It would need to be a feature of your mobile carrier, not of your iPhone if it did exist. A search turned up some mentions of features that allow you to forward your current call to another number, and then using that feature to forward them to a special voice mailbox number. It would involve hitting a lot of keys on the keypad while on the call. But you’d need to have both of those features with your mobile carrier and they would need to work together in some way. So probably not. I can’t seem to find any mention of this with any of the major US carriers.
    But there is a better way. You can access other apps while talking on your iPhone. So you can go to the Notes app, for instance, and enter the information, all while talking to the other person. It is probably easier to switch to speaker mode while doing it, so you can hold the phone for tapping while still hearing and being able to talk to the other person. But I have certainly done this both to type a note and to look up information to tell the other person.

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