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How Do I Forward My Landline To iPhone?

I would like to have my calls to my landline number also ring on my iPhone. Many suggestions but none work. Hope you can help. Thank you, Richard
Richard Dion

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    2 years ago

    That would have to be a function of your landline service provider. I’d check out their website or call their support. I’d imagine just about any landline provider has a “forward” function that can forward all phone calls to another number. That should be relatively easy and straight-forward to set up.

    If what you really want is for calls to “also ring” instead of forward, then that is a different thing. I doubt you can get that. What you are asking is for the call to ring using two different systems at the same time, and have the call go to the system that picks up first. I doubt that any landline system supports that as they’d need to be in close coordination with your wireless provider.

    You may be able to set your landline’s forwarding function to only forward after X rings, so you have the chance to pick up the landline before it goes to your iPhone.

    Another option would be to use a separate service like Google Voice. That would be a new phone number. But then you could go into your Google Voice controls and should be able to set it up to ring them in succession or maybe even at the same time. At the very least, you could switch where it rings so you could have it ring your landline when home, and your iPhone when not. It would be something you’d need to manually set, or set up a time schedule. I think Google Voice allows that. There are other services like Google Voice, so you may want to shop around too.

    Richard Dion
    2 years ago

    The iPhone just shows the call placed to my landline which allows me to return the call from my iPhone.

    2 years ago

    Richard: Not sure what you are saying. You mean right now it shows calls placed to your landline? So you did set something up with your landline provider?

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