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How Do I Free iPhone Memory From Photos Synced By iCloud?

Hi Gary. I have to free some space in my iPhone but 80% of my memory r photos synced from a mac I don’t have access to & I’m not allowed to delete them from my phone. The trash can doesn’t appear when I select this photos. What can I do?

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    4 years ago

    So synced photos, the old way of putting photos on your iPhone, work by selecting photos in iTunes and then syncing them to your iPhone. Think of these as separate from your “camera roll” which are photos taken BY your iPhone. These synced photos are more like synced movies, music or podcasts.
    Now you say on the one hand that you synced from a Mac. And then in the subject line you say you synced from iCloud. Which is it? I’m going to assume you mean from your Mac (with iTunes), not from iCloud Photo Library, which is the new way of doing it.
    To remove them, all you need to do is to sync again and select fewer, or no, photos. So if you chose to sync 1,000 photos before, syncing 100 or 50 or 0 the next time would replace those 1,000 with the new ones (or none).
    If you synced with a Mac you no longer own, then it is just a matter of syncing again but with a Mac (or PC) that you now own. Choose to sync photos with this new Mac through iTunes and sync either a small number of photos or none at all. This will warn you that it is going to replace synced photos (and movies, music, etc). That will free up your space and also set you up to sync more (or less) photos from your new computer.

    4 years ago

    Hi Gary. Thanks once more for your quick response.

    Sorry for the confusion. Your assumption was correct. I meant “from iTunes” I will do the steps you told me. Thanks again.

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