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How Do I Freeze the Size Of the Different Columns In Mail?

Hello, each time I open mail on my mac the size of the folder, emails and preview columns are back to a sort of default value. How can I save the column size once for all instead of re-adjusting them each time? Thanks

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    12 months ago

    This should happen automatically. That is how it works for me. Every time I launch Mail, the previous column widths are remembered, as is the window size and position. The only exception is if I move the window so part of it is off the screen. Then the window will appear moved over enough so that it is all on the screen, but the size and column sizes are the same.

    Which version of macOS are you using? Do you experience the same problem in other apps?

    10 months ago

    Hi Gary, thank you for taking the time to reply. I always keep my mac update with the latest version of macOS. I find out that this problem only occurs when I am using mail in full-screen mode (I click on the green light on the top left of the window). If not in full screen mode no problem. Best regards – Thierry

    10 months ago

    I tried it with Mail in Full Screen mode and it still worked for me, remeberrememberinging the column widths. I tried quitting Mail and starting again. I tried exiting and re-entering Full Screen mode. And combinations of those. It always seemed to remember my column widths. Is there something different you are doing?

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