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How Do I Get an iPhone To Share Location?

We use Family Sharing, and all our family members appear on the map when I open the Find iPhone app. Today, we added our foster daughter to our Family Sharing plan with an iPhone 7. She’s signed into iCloud, and is sharing her location using that device. Location services are turned on in Privacy settings. Yet, she’s still listed in the Find iPhone app as Online, not sharing location. What am I forgetting to do?

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    4 years ago

    Is she using the latest iOS 12? If so, go to Settings, Privacy. You said that Location Services is on. But tap it to go into the next screen. What does it show under Share My Location? Is it On? Is "From" correct? It should be "This Device."

    That's all I can think of. Maybe after you check that try a restart. If that doesn't fix it, then maybe a trip to the Genius Bar.

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