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How Do I Get Backyard Wi-Fi Reception On A Modem Already At Its Limit?

I want to use a HomePod on my backyard deck. Moving the Modem/Router any closer to the backyard HomePod is not an option. Do WiFi extenders work? How much distance do they, on average, get you? My iPhone WiFi is challenged when I use it on the back deck too. It might also be a beneficiary of any extender gadget that anyone could recommend.

I want to use an apple device outside…far enough away from the Wifi source that it has very very sketchy reception.

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    2 years ago

    Yes, a Wi-Fi "Extender" would work. How well they work and how far they will extend your network depends on the capabilities of the model. I tried several and don't like how they either create a second network you have to manually switch to or have other problems.

    Are you just using the Wi-Fi that is built-in to the modem that your ISP provides? Perhaps that isn't a very good one. You can always continue to use the modem to connect to your ISP, but connect your own Wi-Fi hub to that. If you get a good one, it should reach farther.

    Perhaps a better solution, the one I use, is to get a Wi-Fi "mesh" network like Google Nest, Eero, etc. These don't create a second network that you need to switch to. Instead, you get 2, 3 or more devices and they automatically connect to each other to form one seamless network. I currently do with with a 3-device Google Nest system to reach the far end of my backyard and garage.

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