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How Do I Get Better WiFi?

I have an Airport Extreme w/Time Machine that is the primary router at one end of the house (only 2000sf). At the other end, an Airport Express to help extend the wireless network. When I check the Utility app, it tells me that AExpress is about 144mbs. Other times, it’s down as low as 17mbs, making the secondary computer in the far room sluggish as well as iPad incredibly slow. What causes such a discrepency? From the computer where the Extreme is, the Utility at times says it can’t find the AE when in fact it’s plugged in and working.
Patrick Doering

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    4 years ago

    Really hard to guess what could be wrong, sorry. Could be any number of factors, including interference from other devices, even unlikely ones. I once found that an LED lightbulb in one room killed the wifi in that room. No other LED bulbs did it, just this one particular one. I doubt that is your problem, but it shows how random these things can be.
    Can you relocate the Extreme to the middle of the house? With an extension, you have two points of failure — between the two routers and between the Express and your machine.
    Another thing — having the two at opposite ends doesn’t make any sense. If the Extreme is stuck at one end, then the Express should be in the middle. If you put the Express too far away it will constantly be struggling to communicate with the Extreme.

    Jeff Tucker
    4 years ago

    I own a business and another location a Motel & Vacation Cabins. I purchased a Ubiquity Access Point exterior unit. On Amazon about 145.00.. You mount it and it connects via ethernet to your main router and it sends out a signal about 6 blocks down the highway.. It included easy to follow instructions on how to set it up on your Mac, but I never have struggled to get a signal since the installation of this.. I had a extreme and a express and it didn’t cover hardly anything. Get a Ubiquity A/P.

    John Hill
    4 years ago

    As a test find a way to heighten the Time Machine and see if you get better connectivity. The 802.11ac Apple Airport is first rate at wall penatration and has its antenna assembly located in the top of the router using focus beam technology. If elevating it helps get some double back tape and stick the router high up on a wall. Be aware that your wifi survielance cameras can show down or choke your wi fi connectivity.

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