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How Do I Get Email To Keep Most Recently Used Folders?

In email the application. In my inbox I want to right click and move to folder, email used to remember the last few folders and now it does not. what has happened to my recent used folder list? Where has it gone?
Tony Caselnova

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    4 years ago

    I never used that function, so I can’t say anything about what it did in previous versions of Mail. I just drag and drop to folders, though I rarely use folders now (I just archive everything and search if I need to find something).
    Seems the “Move To” on right click now gives you all folders, which is useful, but I guess you’d rather see only recents?
    Why not switch to drag-and-drop? Or, if you have a few folders that you move to often, why not add keyboard shortcuts to do it. You can do so using the System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts function and the name of the folder.

    4 years ago

    its a habit I have work outlook email to the right mouse click thing is a habit. I could drop and drag

    4 years ago

    Tony – I have added the Move icon to the Mac Mail toolbar. Once clicked I type the 2-3 characters of the required mailbox which then jumps to where I want to move the selected mail to to.

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