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How Do I Get Everything From Old MacBook Onto New MacBook If Apple Has It?

I want to turn in my mid-2012 Macbook to Apple and buy a new Macbook, applying whatever credit Apple gives me for the old MB toward the cost of the new MB. In the past I’ve simply hooked up the two computers and used Migration Assistant. And, of course, I have Time Machine as well as SuperDuper! backups that I can use to load the files onto the new MB. But never having done this before, I want to be sure I’m proceeding correctly.
Any advice will be very much appreciated. (And many thanks for all the advice you’ve given to me and others over the year via Macmost.)
Andy Hinds

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    2 years ago

    The normal way most people transfer data from an old Mac to the new is to make sure the Time Machine backup is up-to-date for the old Mac. Then use Migration Assistant to migrate from that Time Machine backup on to the new Mac. So you never need to have the old Mac and new Mac together. You just run Time Machine one last time before taking the old one in. Then use it to migrate the new machine when you get home with it. The other backups will be a nice safety net too.

    But, it may be easier than that. Apple may help you transfer the data in the store directly from the old Mac to the new. Ask them about it. And let us know what happens.

    Of course, for someone like me that uses iCloud it is pretty easy too — you just sign in to iCloud on the new Mac and all your stuff is there. But if anything is stored locally only and not in iCloud, I need to make sure I have it elsewhere too.

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