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How Do I Get iTunes U In Catalina?

I remember being able to search for tons of courses from different education institutions in OSX. I can see it now in my iPad with iTunes U. I am looking to have access to the same material from my iMac.
Is there a way to see the courses in OS X or it is just for iOS ?


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    2 years ago

    Apple actually removed iTunes U from iTunes back in 2017. Or, at least they started winding it down a great deal. And I think new content started to diminish in the mobile app at that point too. You can find many news reports of that.

    I think most content has moved to podcasts, online courses websites, and apps and sites created by the institution or organization producing the content.

    So stop thinking of getting to the content using iTunes U, and start searching specifically for what you want on the web, in the Podcasts app, and in the App Store.

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