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How Do I Get Java Plug In for Sierra?

I recently updated my Security System. Added video and I was hoping to view Live Videos on my Mac. The only way was to have Java plug In.
Sierra does not support this app. The App I am using is to control my alarm system. Anyway to get this now?
Thank You,
Charles Tarnoff

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    4 years ago

    The best way to get Java for your Mac is to follow the link directly from Apple’s site.

    Apple used to curate a special Java install just for Macs. That install is still there, at this link, listed as “Java SE 6” and it should still work. I like using it because it is a stable, well-tested version of Java. But if that doesn’t work for you with that website, then you may need to use the link to Oracle (the owners of Java).

    You should also maybe contact that software vendor and complain that they require Java for this. In 2017 there’s no reason for that.

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