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How Do I Get My Files To Accurately ‘Snap To Grid’ After Upgrading?

I have recently upgraded my 2012 iMac from Yosemite to Sierra and find that in every single folder I have opened the underlying grid that files normally align to has changed.
I mostly arrange my files manually, in associated bunches in their containing folder, and use the ‘Snap to Grid’ feature to keep them tidy. Since the upgrade I find the grid is slightly stretched vertically and the existing files are not aligned to it. At first glance everything looks fine until I either move a file within that folder or add a new file, then some of the existing files will shoot off to the side, snapping to random places in the next column on the new grid, or slot themselves into new places in the same column.
So far I have manually dragged them on to the new grid either before or after making changes but I can only move 2-3 files at a time without some of them jumping around. It is a near-impossible task to go through 100s of folders manually rearranging them. Any thoughts? Thanks.


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    5 years ago

    You would use View, Clean Up or View, Clean Up By and then choose an option. There's no way I know of to do it for a folder other than the one you are currently looking at. So you'd just have to do that each time you come across it.

    Note that if you choose View, Show View Options (Command+j) you can adjust the grid spacing.

    I rarely ever use Icon View myself, preferring Column View primarily, and List View at other times.

    5 years ago

    Thanks Gary. Using 'Clean up' is an improvement but the files still shift around, though not as much. Instead of the list of files stretching up and down to fit the new grid, they are squeezed together, thus forcing a file out and into the nearest gap. I have to take a screenshot of the original folder contents so that I can work out where the shifted files belong. Re grid spacing, unfortunately this option is only for horizontal spacing (column width), not for vertical spacing of files.

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