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How Do I Get My Imported Music CDs (songs) Onto iCloud?

Gary, I have approximately 400+ music CDs that I have begun to import onto my Mac which has 8GB of memory. So I’m thinking I’ll need to move the imported songs to iCloud and them remove them from my Mac in order to have enough space to download additional CDs. The ultimate goal is to have all my music on iCloud and access it through my iPhone and iPad as well as my Mac. In looking through your tutorials, it appears I should first download the imported songs from my Mac to a hard drive and keep the hard drive in my safe as I plan on selling or giving away the CDs. I was not able to find anything on how I go about getting the imported songs from Music to iCloud. So that is the first question. Second is, when I signed into my iCloud account, I do not see Music. So how do I get access to my music once it is on iCloud?

Thanks, Gary. I understand and appreciate this will be a long process from inserting the CD to having it imported into my Music Library to then downloading it onto a hard drive then getting it onto iCloud and then deleting it from my Mac. But the one thing I do not want to do is learn I either screwed up or there was an easier, more efficient way for me to reach my goals. Jeff

I want to get rid of my CD collection as its taking up too much space in my home and I want access to all my music on my various platforms. My first goal is to import the songs onto my Mac without using all my storage or needing to purchase additional storage. I then need to download onto an external hard drive so I can eventually delete the songs from my Mac but not until they have been moved to iCloud.

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    2 years ago

    Apple has two iCloud products for this: Apple Music and iTunes Match. Apple Music is a monthly subscription service that will allow you to access their huge library of music, and it also includes something they call "iCloud Music" which will match/store your existing library. See

    iTunes Match is just a match/store service for an annual fee. See

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