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How Do I Get New Songs Into a Compilation Album In iTunes?

I get free classical songs from and try and keep them together in a Compilation Album. I started long ago but the system keeps changing and I am not having any luck with newer downloads. I change the name of the album in the Song Info to the compilation album I have going but I can’t get it to show up in that album. Do I have to drag the file to the desktop and drag it into the album physically? There should be a better way. The last tutorial on this was using a different system and I can’t get it to relate to the current interface. Any help would be appreciated. I am using iTunes Match which I started using recently. Thank you.
Chris Bell

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    2 years ago

    You may want to consider using a Playlist instead of trying to make a compilation album. But if you want to stick with an album, make sure you have the checkbox “compilation” checked for every song as well as the “album” field being exactly the same. Dragging into iTunes doesn’t do anything other than add it to your library. The organization is determined by those information fields.

    I’m wondering if iTunes Match is getting in the way, matching the songs to information the official source has set. Still, changing that in iTunes should work.

    It is hard for me to advise since I can’t work directly with those files and experiment. That’s really what you need to do — experiment with the information fields until you get it right. For instance, I would set the “track” X “of” Y fields too, to see if that helps.

    Chris Bell
    2 years ago

    The reason for the Compilation Album choice is because I’m trying to keep my album’s as albums. I’ve collected many individual songs from different sources and they plant themselves as albums and it’s difficult to remember which are actually albums and not one offs. The album I’m trying to make an easy path for is from a daily resource and while I don’t take all of the freebies, I take enough to junk up the system. Thanks for this. I’ll keep tweeking. Had it figured out once.

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