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How Do I Get Playlist Automatically Launched On iPhone 8 Plus?

With iOS 13, Apple allowed shortcuts and automations to help people! Then, I am looking for an automation that could automatically launch a playlist music at a precise time of the day! I saw that it is possible to just a song launched automatically! My is about to how to have a playlist launched automatically at a precise time?

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    2 years ago

    There’s no way to have a Shortcut “automatically” run at a certain time with the way Shortcuts and Personal Automations work right now. You can go into the Shortcuts app, switch to the Automations screen, and then add a Personal Automation to be triggered at a specific time. But this will only bring up a notification at the top of the screen at that time. You have to tap it to get it to actually execute.
    If you want to do it anyway, then it is just a matter of adding two Actions to this Personal Automation. The first is Get Playlist, and then specify the playlist. The second is Play Music.

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