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How Do I Get Rid Of Chrome Notice?

Will you cover a Chrome issue (versus Safari)?
I clicked on an email by mistake and got the notice “ups..order.jar is dangerous so Chrome has blocked it.”. Next to the notice is ‘Discard’ in a rectangular box, then a series of three dots.
The second I clicked on the email I knew I had made a mistake so I deleted it and was gratful that Chrome caught it, hopefully before it did any damage.
Now my question is how do I delete the notice at the bottom of my Chrome screen. Does ‘Delete’ mean delete the notice or does it mean ‘delete’ the block and the allow the email to access my computer?
When I run my cursor over the three dots I get the URL for the email.
For now I am just letting the notice sit at the bottom of the page.
I am using a 27″ iMac w/ OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
Thank you.
Lou Daly

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    2 years ago

    It is hard for me to say because I can’t see the message you are seeing. I can only speculate. If there is a “Discard” button I can imagine that it will just discard the notice. That is usually what “discard” means in relation to notifications.

    I would think “Delete” means the same thing, though it is hard to say. Not sure if you are saying there is a Discard button and a Delete button as well, or there is just one?

    Lou Daly
    2 years ago

    Gary,Thanks so much for your quick reply.
    You are right, the notice does say ‘Discard’ not Delete’ My goof.
    Tried to attach a screen shot but was unable to.
    Great newsletter, especially appreciate the videos.
    Many thanks,
    Lou Daly

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