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How Do I Get Rid Of Fake Virus Alert ?

On my new iMac OS mojave 10.14.6 using Safari 13.0.2 while on a web site the site will change to a site with a virus warning. The back arrow won’t work on it so I have to go and select a new web site to get away from it. What can I do about this. It doesn’t happen on all my websites.

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    2 years ago

    Which website does it happen with? It could simply be a bad site, or a bad “ad” on a good site, or a good site that has been compromised in some way.

    What happens when you click and HOLD the back button? Sometimes you need to go back 2 or more pages to get away from the redirect. Otherwise, just closing that window or tab is the way to go.

    There is also the possibility that you have malware on your Mac. Probably not, but I would check your Safari extensions to see if you have something there you don’t recognize.

    Nancy Collins
    2 years ago

    Gary, I get a fake virus-like popup on my new iMac each time I open Safari, and it turns out Apple has made Catalina so tight and Kaspersky has not updated yet. I am working with both to try to remedy this. I wonder if it is happening with other virus protection programs!

    2 years ago

    Nancy: Sounds like you have may have something. Do you see anything listed under Safari extensions?

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