Forum Question: How Do I Get Rid Of “ghost” App In Launchpad?

I’ve deleted an App from the Applications folder using “AppCleaner” (removing the App and it’s associated files), but it still shows in Launchpad as a generic icon with a question mark on it. How do I get rid of this “ghost” icon?
Running El Capitan on late 2008 MacBook with newly installed SSD.
Thanks for any help/suggestions.
Pat R.

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    5/7/18 @ 4:56 pm

    I tell people not to use those app-cleaning apps, but instead to uninstall apps with the proper method (which depends on how you installed the app in the first place). Sounds like this is another reason to not use them, as the result here is the opposite of what you wanted. You wanted a clean uninstall, but instead have something left over.

    I’m not sure how to delete this icon in LaunchPad because it sounds like something is wrong. You’ll have to investigate and try things. Perhaps there is still something of the app left in the Applications folder. Perhaps there are components elsewhere. Or, perhaps LaunchPad itself is corrupt now, hopefully in a minor way.

    If this is a third-party app and there is an official uninstaller, you may want to try using that, as it may get rid of the problem. Also a restart may clear up LaunchPad if that is an issue. But I’d also look manually in the Applications folder to see what is there.

    Worse case is you either ignore that ghost icon in LaunchPad from now on, or visit the Genius Bar to have them take a look.

    Pat R.
    5/10/18 @ 11:07 am

    Thank you Gary for your prompt reply. The “ghost” Apps (there are two), are ClamXav (anti virus) and ooVoo (now defunct). Nothing left in Applications folder (unless invisible). Can’t find any other components elsewhere. If there were official uninstallers I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to use them as the Apps themselves have been deleted. I’m not confident enough to mess with invisible files, so I’ll just leave as is, not a big deal. In future I will remember to use “official uninstaller”.

    5/10/18 @ 11:17 am

    Pat: Yes, a search reveals that Oovoo came with an official uninstaller you were supposed to run. But it is likely that the “cleaner” app removed that and now you are stuck with it unless you want to manually look through your Library folders (system and user) for components. ClamXav has an uninstaller on their site:

    Pat R.
    5/10/18 @ 3:04 pm

    Gary, I’m sure you’ve heard this (or something like it) before, “sometimes it’s the simplest thing”. I option clicked on the Launchpad App icons and hit the “x” after they wiggled and voila, gone!

    5/10/18 @ 3:14 pm

    Pat: Ah, sorry. I thought you had already tried that. :)

    Pat R.
    5/10/18 @ 4:15 pm

    My bad. Sometimes the obvious is the last thing you try, when it should be the first.

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