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How Do I Get Rid Of Pending Updates In iOS7 When They Are Already Downloaded?

In iOS7, under updates there are two sections. The top section appears only when there are updates available and it is called “Pending Updates”. The lower section is all the apps that have been updated and is divided into the dates the update occured.

My problem is that, 6 apps have stayed in the “Pending Updates” section, even after they have been updated. Thus it shows that I have 6 apps to download, yet they show “OPEN” in the rectangle instead of “UPDATE”.
Does anyone know a fix?

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    6 years ago

    You don’t. That’s a list of updates that have been completed. There is no reason to get rid of them.
    If it helps, think of this as a log file listing of what updates have been completed recently. Like the many log files on your computer, you don’t need to pay attention to them unless there is a problem.
    If there is an “Open” button next to the update, then it means it has been completed.
    By the way, one of the features of iOS 7 is that it does these updates automatically. You don’t have to initiate them manually anymore. This avoids the situation where you suddenly realize there are 50 app updates and need to set some time apart from your device so it can update them all.
    It also eliminates the issue where non-aware users let apps get very old and issues like bugs and security fixes linger because they simply never update their apps.
    Not sure why it says “pending updates” for you. As updates are performed, they should move from that section to “updated” followed by a date. Are you sure you are not overlooking a second heading in the list? For instance, it could read “Pending Update” and then show a few, and then “Updated September 25” and then show more. And it is easy to miss the “Updated September 25” heading in between items in the list.
    Either way, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it has an Open button, then it has been updated and you are good to go.

      6 years ago

      It definitely shows 6 apps that have been updated under pending updates, then it shows September 25 and the ones that were updated today. As an app updates automatically (great feature), it normally goes in the current date. 6 have decided not to, and the same ones have been that way for 2 days.
      Not sure why.

    6 years ago

    I had apps that would not update so I updated them on my computer first and then synced my phone to iTunes. Some still would not transfer to the phone intially so I just kept syncing my phone and they eventually all updated.

    6 years ago

    I face the same problem too. Even all apps is already updated. Some apps is still under pending update and it’s so annoying. And the recent update lists getting long how to deletes that list I don’t want to see them as they have need already updated and there’s no point to see them on the list.

      6 years ago

      As for the already-updated list: think of it as a log file. It is just there for your information. You don’t have to read it. But a situation may arise when you want to review an update to see what is new or has been changed.

        Stuart C
        6 years ago

        Gary, you are confusing the “Updated List” with the “Pending Updates” list. They are not the same thing. Yes, I get that the Updated list is stuff that’s done. What folks are referring to is a smaller list (in my case, only one app) that is listed under “Pending”, which causes a “1” badge to show up on the App Store icon, even though it was updated several days ago. What I am (and I believe others are) interested in is getting rid of this erroneous message.

          6 years ago

          I get that these are two separate things, but the fact remains that it is an inconvenience, not something critical. I’m sure something will trigger these to be counted correctly (log out, restart, next update, etc). Until then, there’s nothing to do.

    6 years ago

    Apple needs to rethink the “updated app list ” idea. I know it can just sit there but it’s like if you were scanning papers into your computer and you just kept piling them up in a corner somewhere instead of tossing them. Just thought to let you know

    6 years ago

    I also hate this. My list has almost 40 items in it and growing. I like things nice and neat… I don’t need to know that i updated Tiny Wings 3 weeks ago. I’ve also noticed that it seems to take a little bit longer to load .. as more stuff keeps getting added. By next year it’s going to be a crazy long list.
    They should at least give us the option to get rid of it if we want to.

    6 years ago

    When an upgrade for an app is recognised by iOS, it is seen as pending in the App Store. At this point, if an update is performed through iTunes,iOS understands the update but somehow keeps it in pending. Annoying thug!

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