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How Do I Get Rid Of That Annoying Expanding Mouse Pointer In Sierra?

I just downloaded Sierra and the mouse pointer expands and contracts as it moves over links and different apps on the screen. This drives me nuts, and I can’t find anywhere in system preferences/mouse or any of the display settings to modify it. Any solutions? Thanks in advance, Gary.

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    4 years ago

    The pointer should change size when it just moves over links or apps or anything. It should remain the same size and act just like it did before.
    This could be one of two things. One, you have some mouse/cursor extension or app that you installed that is doing this. Perhaps something that changed with a recent update?
    Two: You are seeing the new Sierra feature where the mouse becomes larger if you “shake” it. Try turning that off to see if that is it. Maybe your natural mouse movement style is causing this.
    Go to System Preferences, Accessibility, Display and turn off “Shake mouse pointer to locate.” See if that is the issue.

    4 years ago

    Thanks so much, Gary! That fixed it.

    Charles Reich
    4 years ago

    The latest versi0on of osMac Sierra no longer offers the “Shake mouse pointer to locate.” option. The enlarged “shaken” curser only appears if anything larger than Default screen size is selected. That helps old guys like me (82) find the lost curser. If someone insists on a regular size curser at all times then they must select the Default screen size.


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