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How Do I Get Rid Of “Unwanted Ads” While Surfing In Safari ?

Before going on Mojave, I had adblock plus pro to prevent unwanted ads on Safari ! Now, the system delete adblock plus pro! Anybody know a solution ?

Marc Chamberland

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    2 years ago

    Maybe don’t block ads, which takes away revenue from the sites that you obviously like, otherwise you wouldn’t be going there, right? If a site has good content and it is worth it to go to the site despite the ads, then keep going to the site. If the ads are so annoying that it isn’t worth it, then stop going to that site. Maybe find an alternative site with similar content or services.

    But remember that sites cost money to run and host. And content costs money to write/produce. If some of your favorite sites start to disappear, people blocking ads are part of the reason. MacMost was ad-supported for about the first 8 years. I only removed the ads once people started contributing using Patreon. But not every site has an audience that is willing to support it that way.

    After thinking about it, if you really want to block ads are many content blockers you can get for Safari. Just pick one of them in the Mac App Store.

    2 years ago

    As well as what Gary said, there’s also Reader view.

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