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How Do I Get the Best Set Up To Use an M1 Mac Mini for FaceTime Calls?

I assume that if I bought a display mount, I could use my iPhone 14 Pro via Continuity Camera. What is worrying me is the question of sound quality.

As the Mac Mini does not appear to have its own microphone, is the one in my iPhone any good for this kind of application or would I have to go to the expense of buying one separately?

Also, just to double check, am I correct in thinking that the iPhone 14 Pro camera is much better than anything else integrated into an Apple device for this kind of application?

I am finding that prospective employers want to get a look at candidates by using video calls in the first instance. I want to understand whether or not it will involve a great deal of expense to get this set up correctly.

Phil Hopkins

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    1 year ago

    The microphones on the iPhone is excellent for this. It would be the same quality as if you were using FaceTime directly on the iPhone.

    Yes, the iPhone 14 Pro camera is better than any built in Mac camera. It has to be due to the thickness of a MacBook screen compared to the thickness of an iPhone. There's just more room for a larger lens.

    Why not just try it? You don't need a display mount to try it. Though a mount or tripod would come in handy if you plan on using it regularly. They can be relatively cheap too.

    Moro Pant
    1 year ago

    With MacOS Ventura and the continuity camera feature, you can use a simple iphone tripod (behind your monitor) and your iphone 14 Pro for an excellent video setup. Will beat any webcam in audio and video.

    Also, the stage manager feature will automatically track you.

    Go for it.

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