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How Do I Get To the Sound Effects In GarageBand?

It seems there are sound effects available in GarageBand, but I can only find musical instruments, no sound effects. Where are they?

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    2 years ago

    Musical instruments are on the left. They let you choose the instrument for a software instrument track. For instance, you could have a track of notes and then assign it the instrument piano, or guitar, harpsichord.

    Sounds are on the right. They are called Loops. There are loops that are a series of notes (you can assign the instrument), there are loops that are audio tracks that are designed to loop over and over, and there are non-looping sounds too — those would be the sound effects, more or less.

    If you don’t see the right sidebar, click the Loop Browser button at the top of the right side (looks like a looping track). Then you can search the list of loops and see music looks and sound effects in there. What you see depends on whether you have added additional loops from Apple or third-parties.

    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary, I found them!

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