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How Do I Go Back To Mojave From Catalina?

Hi Gary. Updated from Mojave to Catalkina 10.15 and now my printer.scanner doesn’t work anymore. Seems incompatible with new iOS (64-bit). If printer now a write off, will be an expensive iOS upgrade.
Hubert Cooleman

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    5 years ago

    It is expensive to go back to Mojave too. By that I mean you'll lose all the new features and updates that you paid for when you bought your Mac. You'll forever be running a 2019 Mac and never moving into the future. Do you know what I mean?

    Have you tried contacting the printer manufacturer? Have you tried simply using the printer without their "drivers" -- most modern printers don't need drivers at all.

    Perhaps if this is an old printer, it is time for a new one. I'm pretty much paperless myself at this point, but if I were to get a new printer I could find an inkjet (yuck) for less than $100 and a laser printer for less than $200 I'm sure. A new one with AirPrint and everything.

    Going back to Mojave will be time-consuming and painful.

    Another option: do you have your previous Mac still? Or any old Mac in the closet? Maybe set that up as the one that talks to the printer?

    5 years ago

    Thanks a lot Gary. I will go hunting for a 64-bit driver for existing printer. Or indeed try without drivers (that's news for me). If all this dead ends, I'll replace the 6 year old laser printer. Saw a few lasers (AIOs actually, i.e. fax, scan, print, copy!) here between AUD200 and AUD270. PS: almost paperless here also but use mostly for to scan docs, receipts, invoices, etc. and file. Enjoying your videos, tips et all!

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