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How Do I Have Apps and Programs Open Full Screen In Catalina?

I have a new MacBook Pro 16 and all the apps and programs I run open small screen. I always have to click on the green button to go full screen. Is there a way to change this so all programs and apps open in full screen. I am new to Mac and Mac operating system. Thanks
Alan Newman

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    3 years ago

    On the Mac, an app can and often does have more than one window open. A window can contain a document, or a web page or some other view of information. You may be using Pages, for instance, and have 3 Pages documents open. You could have 2 Safari web browser windows open.

    Those windows can be switch to Full Screen mode if you like. Press the green button or use the keyboard shortcut. But that is just one window of the app.

    When you open a new window it typically is a window. And then you take it full screen as you have observed. If you find yourself doing this a lot, then perhaps it is because you are closing a window too quickly. It is fine to leave a window open, in Full Screen mode or not. Someone writing a report may have a Pages window open for days. Someone browsing the web may have a Safari window open for days, weeks or longer as they use it to browse the web while using their Mac. There's no need to close the window or quit the app.

    There's no way to set it up so opening a document would instantly create a Full Screen window. You open it, then switch to full screen if that is what you happen to want for that particular window.

    But there's nothing to stop you from, say, opening a Pages document and setting it's window to full screen and then using tabs to open more documents in that same window if you like.

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